Statute of TEMAF

The federation of Traditional Martial Arts of the Europe (TEMAF) is EU public organization.

2.1. The Federation was established at the initiative of enthusiasts of the history of Europe, united on the basis of the general interests, for studying martial arts.

2.2. The main objective of the Federation is to preserve and popularize martial arts and traditions of the XV-XIX centuries as part of the cultural heritage of Europe.


– to use martial arts to promote physical education and sport as part of a healthy lifestyle.

– to organize and create the necessary conditions for the development of martial arts

– to promote an all-round physical and spiritual development of the individual.

– to provide successful participation of national teams and representatives in the international competitions.

– to organize the Championships of martial arts, as well as other competitions, covering all segments of the population, regardless of their athletic training, age, nationality or political views.

– to approve and distribute ( publish) material, related to the martial arts

– to support and promote the implementation of the charitable trust programs in sports, education, culture, science and the social sphere.

2.4. Primary tasks of the Federation: study of authentic bibliographic sources of XV-XIX centuries; study of European history and culture; organization of meetings with the keepers of traditions; expansion of cooperation with similar federations and organizations of the European countries.