Manual del baratero

Manual del Baratero o arte de manejar la navaja, el cuchillo y la tijera de los jitanos. Traducido, editado y comentado por D. L. Cherevichnik, 2018

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The first Russian translation of the legendary Spanish book «Manual del Baratero» — «Manual of the Bagman»(1849) plus 500 pages of detailed comments. Translated from Spanish, edited and commented by Denis Cherevichnik.
The first scientific comprehesive study of the Spanish and Hispanic «knife culture». The history and origin of the Spanish tradition of knife-fighting. The reasons for its appearance and declining. Evidences of eyewitnesses and participants of duels. Overview of Spanish legislation from the 12th to the first half of the 20th century. The history of the export of Spanish knife culture in the colonies and dominions.

Scientific peer-reviewed sociocultural interdisciplinary monograph.
Scientific reviewer: M. l. Butovskaya. ( Ph.D. in History, Professor, Senior Scientist of the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology of the RAS).

608 pages. More than 600 black and white, and about 60 colour unique illustrations — most published for the first time.
An extensive bibliography includes more than 500 sources.